21st Century Autonomous Car Revolution

The creation of autonomous cars signifies a big boost in technology. It has created another milestone that allows people to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life. Well, if you happen to see an autonomous car in the street, you’ll probably find it hard to believe seeing a car on the street among the other cars and vehicles, eagerly waiting for their turn to move forward when the green light blinks. It would be awesome to find one big car speeding without a driver in the driver’s seat.

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Some people may not even have an idea about the existence or the creation of the autonomous cars. Autonomous cars operates by itself. It does not need a driver. It is a “robot car” that can just go around, drive around without any human intervention. This is because autonomous cars are sensitive to their surroundings. It moves around using radar. It has other special features, too. This includes being able to read between the lines of any information which can help recognize the path or the tracks it should take. This feature enables the vehicle to gain control of its position even if there are physical changes in the environments.

Autonomous cars are programmed to recognize the different cars on the road which can help them plan a route for its destinations.

When  autonomous cars were introduced, it has caught the attention of many people and has become the main attraction at CES. Many companies advertise or publicized autonomous cars as an efficient way to deliver a safe, comfortable and fuel efficient means of transportation. Autonomous cars or robot cars promoters and supporters have been giving extravagant and high praises to the new technology.

While more people have been very much engrossed with the new creation, there are also people who raised their negative opinions about the creation of the autonomous cars. Then again, you can’t please everybody. They claimed that robot cars are not yet ready to be remotely deployed on the highways. For instance, almost 50% of the US motorists turned off the driver assistance systems such as the blind-spot monitoring or the lane-keep assist because they feel more comfortable, confident and safe to use their abilities in driving as they anticipate any road mishaps or accidents that they will most likely meet along the way.

Autonomous cars has become more and more popular. In spite of some negative feedback given by some people and critics in the car industry, many people still believe that the autonomous cars can help improve the objectives and targets set by the people who were responsible for their creation.

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Many people have considered the different advantages that the autonomous cars can give. Some of these includes:

  1. Minimizing or reduction of theft and robbery is possible because of the vehicle’s awareness and sensibility to its environment and to the movements around the environment.
  2. Autonomous cars can give you a smoother ride.
  3. There’s a reduction of traffic mishap or accidents caused by human errors.

If autonomous cars have many advantages, it has also disadvantages that people should thoroughly observe to avoid any untoward incidents or accidents to happen. Some of these disadvantages include:

  1. The car’s computer, like its camera’s sensors, GPS and other important data, is at risk of any disruption and corruption.
  2. Professional drivers will eventually lose their job because autonomous cars no longer need the services of a driver.
  3. Autonomous cars can be used to transport bombs or other explosives.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages that the autonomous cars can give. While these cars were built using high technology, these cars should be given the best maintenance. One of the best way to maintain it is to give it the best car vacuum. There are many best car vacuum cleaners that will surely preserve and maintain the cleanliness of your autonomous car. With the it, you will not only enjoy an efficient and wonderful ride on the autonomous cars, you’ll also love the comfort offered by your autonomous cars as you ride.

  • January 27, 2016
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