The Longest Time Your Car Battery Can Last

If you’re using your car to get to work, then it’s essential to pay attention on how the car battery would last for long time. Among the different components of a vehicle, the car battery is deemed to be a significant element. It’s responsible for running your car; that’s why, as a car owner, you should know how long it will last and when the right time to replace it is. As you want to make the battery last longer, it’s also important to clean up your car by using the best car vacuum.

There are several factors that affect the life span of a car battery such as the size, amp hours, the way it is being drove and many others. Usually, the car battery lasts from 3 to 5 years, but many drivers prefer replacing it after three years to avoid inconveniences such as dead batteries. The battery life is determined by the period in which it can still be recharged and has the capability of retaining the charge. Otherwise, it’s about time to replace it.

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To know more about car battery life and how long it will last, it makes sense to understand the factors associated to it more.

Driving habits

The way you drive your vehicle greatly affects the life span of the car battery. Taking short trips is one of the causes that make the battery die faster. It’s because the car alternator won’t have adequate amp hours in recharging the car battery completely.


Another factor that impacts the life span of the battery is when it’s exposed to risky weather conditions; either from too hot or too cold weather. Extreme temperatures will make the car battery suffer the consequences. That’s why you should refrain leaving the vehicle outside without any protection. As much as possible, you should park it in a place where there’s a roof or shield.

Car battery dimensions

The size of the battery also affects its life; though the environmental conditions and plate composition have greater impact. Larger batteries usually have substantial plates and can accommodate larger amount of electrolyte or sulfuric acid. In the same manner, the wide spacing of the plates allows accumulation of great amount of salt before the cell generates electricity.

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If given proper care, the life of your car battery may last up to 6 years along with proper cleaning using the best car vacuum. If you don’t have any idea in determining how well your car battery is charging, the best thing to do is to hire a car mechanic to do the job for you. Likewise, the mechanic can also give suggestions on how to extend the life of the car battery. Periodic check will help you know about the condition of the battery. Make sure to charge the battery a hundred percent before leaving. Likewise, you should avoid discharging the battery by accidentally leaving the lights on of your car.

In terms of electric vehicle, the life span of the car battery also depends on some factors. Generally, the electric car battery is charged using direct current. Though it’s the fastest way of charging, it also increases the level of stress on your battery. Likewise, the cell design, application and chemistry also have an impact its life.

In case of refurbished car batteries, they can last longer as new batteries only if new materials were utilized. It will last longer because of the reverse current that was added into. The reverse current reinstates the lead dioxide. However, if the plate elements are compromised, then it is expected that the battery life is shortened.

If the car battery needs replacement, it is best to look for a car battery company that has been manufacturing high rated battery for your vehicle. The battery is one of the expensive parts of the vehicle that’s why it’s necessary to purchase the one that you can use for longer period. Whether you’re buying for a usual car or the hybrid vehicle, you should pay attention about the life span of the battery so that you’ll know the right time to hire a mechanic to check it. Remember that keeping the battery running and functioning is as important as keeping the vehicle in good shape.

  • March 3, 2016
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