Black and Decker PAV1200W Pivoting Automotive Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Large conventional vacuum cleaners are becoming the things of the past with the introduction of more convenient, lighter, low-voltage, reliable, user-friendly and more powerful units just like the Black and Decker PAV1200W Pivoting Automotive Vacuum Cleaner. Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners of the old times which were mostly heavy and breakdown-prone and could only be utilized in single position, this Black and Decker made product very rarely give you headache, but give you more positioning options. It is just perfect for your vehicle aside from being handy in homes and other light industry.


How can you possibly keep your home or your car clean all the time? Those dust, dirt and debris seem endless. They keep coming back every day. Well, it is just a matter of having a good and hardworking ally. You just need a very reliable vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is a tool for cleaning dirt, dust and other small particles that are not supposed to be lying on your couch, floor and inside of cars. Dirt suckers of olds were typically big and heavy. The device cleans by sucking the dust by means of centrifugal fan run by a motor, in which the fan’s blades are curved in reverse curvature than a blower fan.

Rotating in high-speed aided by the motor, the fan’s circular motion creates partial vacuum (pressure lower than atmospheric) that enables it to suck the tiny or small particles on its path using a crevice tool, hose or narrow-mouthed trough mounted on the mouth of the machine where vacuum pressure is at its peak.

Today, various types of vacuum cleaners designed to create much powerful suction pressure are developed and marketed throughout the world and they are made smaller just enough to be carried even by one hand. Experts took noticed of the Black and Decker PAV1200W Pivoting Automotive Vacuum Cleaner, a handy cleaner ideal for cars and other vehicles since its introduction into the market.

Want to know why this B&D Hand Vac is so popular with car owners? Better to understand it’s vast and useful features we enumerated below together with some informative tips about the product, check them out!

Black and Decker PAV1200W Pivoting Automotive Vacuum Cleaner

Black and Decker PAV1200W Pivoting Automotive Vacuum Cleaner

Product Features

1. Ultra-light

At just 1lbs. weight, the B&D PAV 1200W is one of the lightest hand-held vacuum cleaners in the industry today. Although it is small, it has a capacity to capture dirt at 11.80 ounces at any one time. Now, that is not a disability after all, but rather one of its traits that give car owners the comfort of keeping their cars clean and tidy.

2. Corded

This product is not battery-operated but rather corded by a 16ft. heavy-duty electrical cord that could be wound up in an organized manner when not in use. The system operates in a 1200 watts motor capacity, 11watts of Air Watts and a 12-volt motor. These specifications allow a very minimal consumption of power in theory and in reality.

3. Pivoting Nose

Having difficult time reaching for hidden or blind areas in your car, truck or even boats? Like underneath the dashboard or under the seats? You would not have problems with those when you use the Pivoting Nose Hand Vac because its nozzle could turn more than 180 degrees from its base without you turning. This way, you will have a nice angle to reach and suck dirt on those spots.

4. Cyclonic Action

The cyclonic actions of this wonderfully-designed hand vac can even pick-up dog hair in your car, bed, blanket and pillow or anywhere your favorite pet lay. The cyclonic action always keep the filter clean by keeping the suction capability constant all time you utilize this device.

5. Finger-manipulated Switch

Being handy for this B&D product is not just being portable, but also being controlled by just using one of your fingers (the thumb is perfect). Its control could be switched on and off easily because the button is perfectly placed above the handle which is conveniently accessible via your thumb.

6. Product Dimension

This small dust buster has the following dimensions: 14.3 X 7.3 X 6.6 inches (Length X Width X Thickness) and you will really find it so small, yet so powerful! This small-framed device is just easy to store anywhere.

7. Package Content

When you purchase this product (glad you did!) the following are what you could expect from the package:

  1. One (1) unit Hand-held Automotive Vacuum Cleaner with 16 feet cord
  2. One (1) lot containing one crevice tool, one upholstery brush
  3. One (1) unit standard flexible hose
  4. One (1) unit Dishwasher safe filter (model #PVF110)
  5. One (1) unit Plastic pre-filter
  6. One (1) unit Plastic storage bag

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for Car Wash Stations: Entrepreneur like you could have an added attraction or added service if you own a car-wash business. Aside from offering car washing, you could offer also vacuum cleaning of cars for your customers.
  • No Need Recharging: This miniscule dirt buster runs directly from power source with the provided cable to give you farther reach when source is far away from your car, that is why the agony of recharging spares you.
  • Can be Stored Anywhere: Since the unit is so small and can be stored anywhere you want, it is also not a problem putting it under your car’s trunk. It will not be a hitched among your other luggage.
  • Can be Plug-in from your car’s lighter charger: Since the unit uses only 12 volts power, it could easily be plugged into your cigarette lighter’s charger when are away from home and you need to clean the car.


  • Dirt Storage is not detachable but could be easily cleaned.


This Auto Pivot Vac by Black and Decker is really a one hell of a cleaner. The proverbial “small but terrible” thing most car owners want in their arsenal. It is not only ideal for cars but also for boats, trucks and other vehicle that need to be cleaned all the time anytime. The provided cord and its low-voltage requirement makes the Black and Decker PAV1200W Pivoting Automotive Vacuum Cleaner an advantage for long-distance driving where power source from the grid is scarce because it can be plugged on your car. What a great idea!

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