Black + Decker 20-volt Max Pivot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt
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A good and reliable hand vac is what you really need if you have filthy and disorganized homes or shops. The ever durable Black + Decker 20volt Max Pivot Vacuum Cleaner fits your budget as it fits your closet. A simple device with lots of firepower to give clean and breathable rooms, this ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner is “armed” with lithium-ion battery ready to be charged when needed and only takes minutes to be recharged. By then, you are ready to sweep all the debris within your premises with this hand-held small wonder.


Pivot vacuum cleaners are equipped with nozzles that could be rotated on its base. Since a vacuum cleaner is suction-pressured, it is primarily a pump with a centrifugal fan creating partial vacuum that sucks dirt and dust from floors, draperies, upholsteries and other surfaces even if they are hard to reach.

Old models of vacuum cleaners could only suck dirt and dust, very heavy and used electrical cables to get power from source. The development in design and technology in recent years gave these cleaners the power to suck not only dust and dirt, but also other small solid particles and sometimes fluids. Over the years, these suckers were designed to fit into the hands (portable) unlike the old ones which are bigger than a small drum.

Nowadays, there are home vacuum cleaners that are hand-held and battery operated. The Black + Decker 20volt Max Pivot Vacuum Cleaner is a uniquely designed hand vac (as this portable cleaner is sometimes called). Its introduction into the market (Amazon) on February 10, 2014, amazed moms of its ergonomic features, find out why on our discussion below:

Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt

Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt

Product Features

1. Compact Design

The Black + Decker 20V Lithium Pivot Max Vac is slim, handy and compact in design. It could be carried in one hand while you suck the dust and debris in your home’s furnishing and crevices. Its strong suction power will not let you off- target on dirt because of its lightweight and portability.

2. Quiet Operation

This portable wonder is so quiet to operate because it uses low voltage (20V) and the fan uses heavy duty bearings that are well-lubricated and sturdy. The motor is conditioned and manufactured under strict quality control guidance. You can even use it while your baby sleeps nearby without waking him up by making annoying noise.

3. Battery Operated (Lithium-ion)

This dust buster uses Lithium technology where its battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion that will never fade and never lose suction power (unlike nickel-cadmium batteries) even with prolonged use. The battery has a quick charging base provided and could be mounted horizontally or vertically on walls or any surface you are convenient.

4. Pivoting Nozzle

This unit has replaceable nozzles mounted on the base that pivots while in use. You can rotate the nozzles more than 180 degrees to creep through tall shelves, underneath cupboards, car seat’s cushions and other hard to access areas. The pivoting action of the nozzle does not diminish the suction power of the cleaner, instead, it adds up to its capacity.

5. Easy to Stored and Retrieved

With its dimensions of 18 X 6.9 X 6.8 inches, the unit could easily be stored in narrow closets, under your bed or anywhere you want without rewinding any cable and electrical wires. On this manner, you could also conveniently retrieve the device when it is time to use. You don’t have to set up any extension cord just to power it up, either. Simply amazing!

6. Cyclonic Action

This hand vac does not only sucks dirt and dust in partial vacuum but in cyclonic action where it separates them from the filter so that it does not clogs up, this way, the suction power is maintained tremendously without the fuss.

7. 3-Stage Filtration

This Black + Decker Pivot Vac 20V has a 3-stage filtration system where the large mouth scoops down dirt or large debris and the brush flips it up before it pass by the next pleated filter. The exhaust air is also filtered before it goes out of the unit making also atmospheric air clean and odorless.

8. Package Content

The Black + Decker BDH2000PL package arrives to you with this following content:

  1. One (1) unit vacuum cleaner
  2. One (1) unit washable filter (model PVF110)
  3. One (1) unit Pre-filter
  4. One (1) unit on-board brush
  5. One (1) unit on-board crevice tool and charging base

Pros & Cons


  • Fast Charger: This charger that comes with the package is a fast-charger one where the unit is basically fully-charged within 15 minutes (from fully-drained battery).
  • Easy to clean translucent bowl: This hand vac does not have bag as dirt container unlike conventional cleaners, but a translucent plastic (surprisingly durable) bowl. This bowl could easily detach from the cleaner and could be manually cleaned on kitchen sink. The bowl can also accommodate 42% more dirt than the old B&D Pivot Vac model.
  • Provision of Tool and Brush: The cleaner is equipped with an on-board brush and crevice tool to draw hard dirt and solidified dust so that you don’t have to scrape them before sucking.
  • Not a threat to Children: This is just one of this machine’s great traits; it is not dangerous to children. You could use this device even if there are playing children around because it will not harm them as its motor and fan is securely guarded.


  • Heavier than old B&D model: This latest model of the pivot vacuum cleaner by B&D is slightly heavier (4.30 lbs.), but still it is portable and handy, any user could easily maneuver its slim body to any part of the house or anywhere you want dirt and debris away.


Vacuum cleaners are really a necessity in every home and some industrial establishments that cater to cleaner environment and its surrounding air, the Black + Decker 20volt Max Pivot Vacuum Cleaner is just what it offers: breathable air and dirt-free enclaves. Aside from being portable, user-friendly, a good home ally and always ready to use device, this seemingly “strike everywhere” machine is practically one of the best dust busters around.

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