End-of-Summer Car Care Tips

The end of the summer vacation marks the start of school, the start of work, and the start of our busy lives once again. You might have come from your long vacation and need to take you car out of storage and use it heavily. It is during the end of the summer that cars would need utmost care and repairing. So, before things start to get hectic, why not prepare by prepping up your car as well?

First of all, service your car before work or school starts. You have to make sure you know if your car has any underlying problems that need attending to right away. One of the things that you have to look out for would be the engine performance. If you notice that there are some problems in starting the car or with stalling, then you have to address those as soon as possible. You can do all of this by visiting a good car mechanic.

Another thing that you have to check before you get your car to start moving again is the refilling the oil. You have to make sure that you change your oil and oil filter before work starts. This should definitely be done if you are going to drive a lot.

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Before the end of summer, you also have to check the cooling system. You must check the coolant levels regularly to know if you must refill it soon. Some tips on handling your cooling is to first cool the radiator before taking out the cap; otherwise, you will get scalded. Other than the cooling system, you also have to check your heater so that if you are driving in the autumn and winter (which are usually the seasons that come after summer), then the mist won’t cover your windshield.

One of the most important things that you have to check would be your car batteries because if there is something wrong with your car batteries, then you’ll probably stop in the middle of nowhere. When inspecting the battery, you first clean it of any substances and dirt. After that, make sure that all cables and all posts are tightened to ensure that the battery will work. In order to check if it is weak already, you have to use a multimeter. The multimeter will be able to detect how much juice is left inside the battery.

Driving at night is very dangerous if you are driving with a pair of faulty lights. So, before you start hitting the road, you have to make sure that all bulbs are either new or in good working condition. If you see a bulb that has already been burned out, change it immediately. Moreover, regularly wipe the lenses so that the lights will not get dim.

Next, you also have to make sure that your tires are in good condition. First of all, you have to check your tire pressure to see if the pressure in all four of your tires is standard. Another thing that you have to look out for would be holes in your tires.If winter is fast approaching, you might need to install some tire chains so that your car won’t skid on the slippery streets.

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Lastly, clean your car! Don’t just clean the outside, but clean the inside as well. It is good to buy one of those car vacuum cleaners. Buy the best car vacuum you can find! Investing in the best car vacuum in the market will guarantee you a clean and smooth ride.

During the end of the summer, you really have to make sure that your car is in tip-top condition so that when you start using it again, you won’t have any trouble at all. The period between summer and the beginning of work and school is the best time to prep your car because this is the time that you are not that busy. So while you are free, prepare your car for the months ahead so that you won’t suffer from any problems.

  • February 26, 2016
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