Faraday Future: Shaping Automobiles of Tomorrow

It’s a designers dream come true in Faraday Future. It’s creation of possibilities where one can build a type of car on the same architecture; be it a sedan, an SUV, a crossover or a pickup track. The concept cars the company envisions to build are literally cars of concept which embody the ideas that follow.

Firstly, the design should be an advocate of the customer. It should be simple and elegant. It should be able to work intelligently. Lastly, it should be a design that fights ugliness.

FF designs draw inspiration from information technology ,aerospace industries, health sciences, and from their diverse staff who come in from different fields. The technology they use for the production of their futuristic automobiles is called VPA (Variable Platform Architecture).

001Photo source: http://www.theverge.com

The core philosophy of the company is to design the cars from the inside out. Let’s take a look at a sampling of their first electric sports car, the FFzero1, which was launched in January 2016. The internal design of the car has some pretty revolutionary innovations. The car’s interior is pure white and is made from an extremely clean aesthetic. The seats are designed and inspired by NASA research on zero gravity driving position. The driver is placed in a 45 degrees angle while driving. This is to optimize comfort and maximize circulation.

The car is fitted with a wire and asymmetric panel. This was built with the features that a driver can use the most. The propeller shaped instrument panel previews an important piece of forthcoming FF design.

A halo system integrates the head and neck support connection, as well as water and oxygen supply that is fitted through a port of a prototype helmet that was developed in-house. This is connectivity and customization in a whole new way. Then, there’s a seat that remembers your driving position. The innovations are far beyond automatic car control. They are taking intuitive movements of digital devices and are applying them to the interior of the vehicle while incorporating swipe, pinches and touches.

In the car, you can dock your phone in the steering wheel, allowing the driver to access information, control secondary functions, view live images,and track their positions without learning a new language to integrate the two devices.

With this carefully planned interior, careful cleaning plan should also be employed. That’s why only the best car vacuum is fit to be used in having the job done. There are many brands claiming to be the best car vacuum in the market so you have to purchase one which you think will be best for your car.

000Photo source: http://www.slashgear.com

On the exterior shell of the car, the design is first class. The exterior has a glossy finish— smooth in its 3 dimensional surfaces. It’s an extreme light-on-wheels type of car, using lightweight composites and materials. One revolutionary innovation placed on the car plan is called the aero tunnels. It is a highly functional and has an extremely aerodynamic feature. The tunnels allow air directly through the vehicles. It improves the performance of the car by reducing drag, battery heat dissipation and power consumption. Engineers have always wanted this design element for decades and FF have finally hacked it.

On the shell of the car, they have a character line that goes through the vehicle. It’s a crease they call UFO line. It’s a design cue that shows the car’s alien nature. It is fitting for a new line of out-of this-world vehicles.

Augmented reality is shown as the digital copilot when the car runs. Some of the vehicles we have been seeing in the movies like I-robot are now coming to reality with the advent of artificial intelligence in vehicles. This particular vehicle is designed to re-educate itself about your needs in real time. For instance, the car can turn up when you need it. You can call it up on your phone, too. Lastly, it will know when you need it because you had pre-planned it to go somewhere.

Faraday future believes in a future where it will be possible for people not to necessarily own a vehicle. One can pre-book it to go anywhere without even calling it, it will have already known your schedule. Talk about seamless connectivity with your mobile devices to synchronize your travel plans! Apparently, this is what’s in store for transportation in the future.

  • January 20, 2016
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