Know Your Auto Warranties and Save Money

Car breakdown almost always happens when you least expect it. The cost of repair and services suddenly becomes burdensome and mind wrecking as there is nothing you can do but shell out a few more dollars to keep your car running again.

However, you need not worry again! Your auto warranty is available to take the burden off your shoulder. With the right terms and conditions, you have yourself a back-up, just in case your car gives you a headache. By not being ignorant of what the warranty covers, you get to enjoy your car with utmost protection at little or no extra cost at all.

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What is covered?

  1. Repairs are mostly covered in the warranty, although there are some service contracts that do not include certain repair works. Usually, parts, items and services or “mechanical breakdown” that are included in the warranty are listed in the contract for easy reference. You may not be able to enjoy full protection for all parts and services, but at least you get to save a few dollars for the adjustment or overhaul.
  1. A new auto warranty usually covers almost everything except parts like the brakes and the tires which wear out due to constant use. In addition, powertrain parts that keep the car in motion such as the transmission, the engine and suspension are, most of the time, included in the coverage. Nevertheless, a new car should always have a warranty which might even cover the best car vacuum for your vehicle as it is included in the price during purchase. In fact, the ones offered by the original car manufacturer always have the best warranty coverage. Bumper to bumper warranty is one feature which covers almost all parts and repairs within three years or a mileage of 36,000, whichever comes first.
  1. A “factory warranty” or the popularly known “extended warranty also helps you save out-of-the-pocket expenses for sudden car breakdown. Technicians who are factory-trained to repair or replace parts of the car that need to be fixed right away are sent. Sometimes though, they ask a minimal fee for labor cost. Consequently, along with the other benefits, an Extended Warranty more or less comes with the following:
  • Zero deductible
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Coverage nationwide
  • Car Rental benefits
  • 24-hour roadside service
  • Transferable in full
  1. As defined by Federal Law, an Extended Warranty is more of a Service Contract which promises to pay for future auto repairs in cases when your car suddenly breaks down. Since the warranty can be bought anytime, there is no waiting period for it to take effect. Whether you had your car financed or it has been paid for, you enjoy being protected from the rising cost of auto repairs. You get to save big time once again. 2Photo source:
  2. Your protection may not be full as some parts are not covered in the warranty. However, some companies practice the “depreciation factor” to calculate coverage. Although the company may be able to pay you only partial repair or cost, this still takes away a chunk of the bill.
  3. Some warranties include important parts like the engine, drive axle and transmission. Some even include air conditioning, brakes and electric components and maybe even the best car vacuum there is. With a few more dollars added for your autos to be protected from expensive repairs, you get to save thousands more.
  4. Do not forget that the best warranties let you choose which repair shop you want your car to be brought into. This is actually very convenient especially if the problem takes place while you are far from home. What is more, you will not be required to pay upfront. So, if you want to cut expenses, you should then look closely into your coverage to get full benefits, just in case.

A sudden car breakdown can be really stressful but having to pay for unexpected car repairs or part replacement is even more stressful. With the right coverage in your service contract and/or warranty, you are sure to have peace of mind while on the road. After all, there is no greater feeling than being stress-free when behind the wheel.

  • January 30, 2016
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