Self-Driving Cars vs. Conventional Cars

­­Car crashes are extremely common in any part of the world because wherever you go, there will be really bad drivers, and where there are bad and reckless drivers, there is an accident somewhere waiting to happen. However, what if you didn’t have to drive a car anymore? What if there was a way to eliminate bad drivers by offering all people a car that doesn’t need a driver for it to operate? We are talking about the new self driving car.

Isn’t that kind of contraption only found in sci-fi movies like Star Wars or iRobot? Not anymore. Many car manufacturers have been taking on the project of creating driverless cars. Big time car companies like Mercedes and BMW have taken up the challenge of creating these cars of the future. In fact, Google has told the public that it will also be releasing a self driving car. This project of Google is known as the Google Self-Driving Car Project.

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So how do self-driving cars work?

These types of cars have built in sensors that can detect people and objects on the road and can drive around them. They also have their own built-in GPS that can aid the car in navigating itself, with its passengers, from point A to point B. These cars work exactly how you would imagine them to work. They are just moving along the road without tiring themselves out.

How are they different to conventional cars?

According to a study done by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, using self driving cars can prevent car accidents. They made use of the self driving car fleet of Google in order to come up with this study. The study monitored the performance of 50 self driving Google cars when they were on the road. In the last six years, Google has stated that out of the 50 cars that they had in their fleet, only 17 cars crashed. Google also states that this was not because of the mechanisms of the cars but rather from outside factors that affected their movement. If we compare that to the rate of car crashes that happen for every 50 cars that have drivers, we could say that self driving cars are actually much safer than the conventional cars.

This statement makes a lot of sense since self driving cars are controlled by sophisticated software. So if there are no more conventional cars on the road, then everything can be operated by a computer. If every car is being operated by a computer, then we don’t need to worry about cars hitting each other.

Are self-driving cars really safe proof?

Although Google’s tests have proven that the cars they have created are indeed very safe for public use, states like California still pushed for a regulation that requires all self driving cars to have steering wheels, brake pedals, and hand brakes in the event that something goes wrong with the car. In which case, the one in the front seat can take over and drive the car.

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Self driving cars are definitely going to be very useful for people in the future. We will no longer have to worry about drunk or reckless drivers that may crash into our car while we are on the road. We will no longer have to worry about speeding cars that come out from a blind corner. We will no longer have to worry about accidentally crashing into a tree or hitting a lamp post. The only thing we need to worry about is cleaning the car with the best car vacuum we have. Aside from cleaning our cars with the best car vacuum we can buy, we don’t need to think about anything else like daily maintenance or checking to see if the parts are okay. With a self driving car, we don’t even need to get behind the wheel. All we have to do is just sit back, relax, and let the car take us from where we are to where we want to be.

  • January 24, 2016
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