The Disadvantage of Constantly Changing Your Oil

Oil change is sometimes alluring especially if cheaper alternative is introduced in the market. Why stick to the expensive one when you can enjoy the road just the same with the cheap oil? This is a thing that most car lovers tend to do as part of their car maintenance methods, and for sure you will do it once you have a car as well. However, there are instances where others just can’t get enough of a single oil change – to the point where they tend to do some oil change in just a few months.

There are some disadvantages that constant oil change can provide, and this can be a serious issue in the long run. Be sure to take note of these disadvantages especially if you tend to do an oil change in various garages.

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Not Necessary

Changing oil at around 7,000 miles is not a recommended thing at all, so as for those who have reached 10,000 early on. This is a huge waste of oil if you check it out with the other oil change experts out there. There are some companies out there that are just taking about immediate oil change at low mileages just because of the fact that they need to have a busy service to operate even more.

However, doing constant oil change can cause you to just waste a lot of precious money and oil. A lot of car experts around the world know well that you need to do some oil change only when your mileage reach the 15,000 mile or way more than that.

Can Cause Engine Damage

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If you keep on changing oil even for just 3,000 miles, expect that your car will have a problem in the long run. There are lots of experts and studies that have proven this matter Oil change often leads to a state where the engine tends to feel like it’s been overused – much like charging a phone even if the battery’s not that drained yet. The oil in the engine must reach a lot of mileage first before you do this act so that it can have its own rest. If you neglect this grave point, for sure, you may find yourself in a position where you will not even be able to purchase the best car vacuum anymore because you’re now spending a lot of money just for getting your engine repaired – something that will totally waste you a lot of cash. So, aside from getting your money wasted for unnecessary oil change, you also get your money deducted because of engine repair problems.

Simply, a Waste of Money!

All-in-all, you will mostly find your money go to the drain with constant oil change. You may not see it for the meantime, but if your try to calculate your expenses, you’ll be surprised just how much you spend for oil. No matter what most companies say,  expect that most car models will never give you a problem even if you’re at 3,000, 5,000, or even 10,000 miles already because cars usually need to reach up to 2,000 – 3,000 miles  before the actual need to get the oil changed occurs.

Always remember that changing oil in is not advisable because this is just a huge waste of resources on the end of the service bay, and on your side as well. However, it is more advantageous on the side of the service bays as they know well that they have a lot of oil to spare, and they earn more for the service than the actual oil. So the next time you reach thousands of mileages, start thinking about the miles that has passed and relax because your car can still function properly without you having to change your every 1 hour. Just focus on getting the best car vacuum and other parts for maintaining other features of your car to make it look neater.

  • January 22, 2016
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