Tips in Finding a Good Car Mechanic

It’s good to run but it’s better to know what keeps you running. “Maintenance is very important”, be it your health or your car’s health. Just buying a car is not enough, it requires due care for its long term maintenance. Just like you need a doctor for your safety and health, your car needs a good mechanic. However, you may not want just any mechanic. You want someone who blows away all the dust in your car just like a best car vacuum does. It’s easier to drive a car for 500,000 miles, but it’s tough to find a mechanic who makes this drive possible for you. There are many alternatives you can consider to do this tough job, but to make your life easier; here is a list in how you can find a reliable mechanic.

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  1. Conduct a research

It’s better to conduct a research beforehand instead of waiting for your car breakdown and then rushing into a quick decision of finding a mechanic. Distinguishing between what’s covered under warranties and what parts need service will help to further clarify what type of mechanic will best suit for your car.

  1. Internet site surfing

Internet is omnipresent. Surfing the internet to search for information about local mechanics is a good idea. Sites such as are of great help to clients because of its review volumes. This is also true for Angie’s list. The same enormous database is available with Google,, etc.

  1. Certification guarantees

Checking out certification by ASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) is another great reliable measure to search for a local mechanic. Mechanics have to undergo a lot of skill and knowledge testing to obtain this certification; thus, ensuring that who you hire is skilled enough to meet your car’s needs.

  1. Study the company’s reputation

Analysing the company’s reputation that provides such service is of great help. Shops that share an affiliation with AAR sign (Approved auto repair) are said to have signed an agreement to provide high quality service by certified mechanics. These shops are well-renowned for they closely monitor their performance and aim at customer satisfaction.

  1. Study a local shop

Assessing a local shop can also tell a lot about the kind of service they provide; whether that shop is trustworthy or not for your car. If you can see a bunch of classic cars restored at the shop’s outlet, it’s easy to deduce that the mechanics there are dedicated and will probably work to fix or enhance your car, too.

  1. Reading the shop’s look

Even the shops’ appearance helps in better analysing the kind of service provided as a good shop will not allow heaps of junk to rust in the lot. They do have a best car vacuum to clean out the junk. The shops’ environment also conveys meaningful message if you know how to be observant. For instance, seeing customers leaving angry or dissatisfied indirectly asserts the poor quality service provided by the mechanics.

  1. Striking a chord via normal conversation


Having a normal conversation with the mechanic will give your gut a boost on whether to trust him to fix your car or not. A good mechanic will always convey willingly what the problem is and will present this with a proof.

If the mechanic is improper in his conduct, does not try to explain properly all the complicated concepts and gets freaky in answering small questions, then it gives a clear indication that such a person may not be reliable enough.

  1. Look for Better Business Bureau

Site such as Better Business Bureau enlist all reviews and complaints of customers. Such information is of great help to figure out which shops one should avoid to get their car repair done.

  1. Referral sources

Last, but not the least, is the referral sources that you can use. They are also one of the most reliable mediums. Acknowledging the information your referrals provide is of utmost help, especially if you are conversant with the people who own similar cars.

Finding a right mechanic for your car reaps several benefits. It not only saves your money but also multiplies your trust and creates a more friendly relation. So, choose well before you move ahead.

  • March 9, 2016
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